Influences from Fred Astaire’s The Band Wagon (1953) seen in Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, Dangerous and You Rock My World.

Michael's smile from every era / appreciation
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"There’s this story, actually, that Quincy told me years ago. And what said is that Michael had the ability to come in, he could lay down the lead vocal of a track. And then he could sit there, listen, just put the time in and figure out where all the harmonies should go. And then do that, not leave until he had the harmonies right."~Nelson George

It’s time for a change. Let’s not leave this building and forget what has been said. Put it into your heart, put it in your conscious mind, and let’s do something about it. You have to. We have to. - Michael Jackson’s speech against racism at Sharpton’s National Action Headquaters in Harlem.